Our Values

Who We Are

  1. We are a grassroots collective of transnational Iraqis with a mission of building community power for political, social and economic justice.
  2. We respect all religious and non-religious backgrounds as equal.
  3. We are non-sectarian, recognize and embrace the diverse ethnic, religious, sexual, political, gender, backgrounds of Iraqis including but not limited to Arab, Kurdish, Queer, Chaldean, Yezidi, Women, Shabak, Armenians, Mandaen, Atheists, Afro-Iraqis, Communists, Socialists, Jewish, Christian, Sunni, Shia, Assyrian, Suryoyo, & Turkmeni people.  
  4. We believe that our rich cultural histories, past and present, are important to our lives.
  5. The above list is inexhaustive and we do not claim to be experts on the pluralism of Iraq and its diaspora. Population change and movement require that we remain flexible and adaptable in recognizing and working with emerging communities and those we may have previously been unaware of. We recognize the fluidity of identity and do not see any given background as rigidly definable. We welcome any feedback around the issue of recognition and inclusion of Iraqi communities worldwide.

Building With Iraqis

  1. We believe in engaging with the harsh realities on the ground in Iraq, but through the work of Iraqis resisting and presenting alternatives to corruption and injustice,on their own terms.
  2. We believe that the social problems Iraqis face are intertwined, and we strive to work with groups with a holistic and intersectional view that, through their everyday work, model the Iraq we envision in the near future.
  3. We believe in a free, independent, and autonomous Iraq that guarantees the individual and collective political and economic rights of Iraqis.
  4. We believe Iraq can only better itself once it is able to solve its problems internally. Thus we stand against invasion, intervention,  imperialism, meddling, undue influence, corruption, and pressure by any power, be it Iraqi, western or regional.
  5. We understand that the lived experiences of Iraqis vary, depending on innumerous factors; one could be of the internally displaced, of the relatively well-to-do immigrant diaspora, an undocumented squatter in the Green Zone, or a working class refugee a continent away from Iraq. Just as we intend on working with groups with an intersectional view, we are also operating on this basis and incorporating this acknowledgement of differences into our operations.
  6. We believe both external meddling in Iraq as well as internally oppressive forces derail mobilizations for a free, independent and autonomous Iraq. Thus, we stand against invasion, media manipulation, imperialism, undue influence, corruption, and political, economic, and social violence enacted by any power, be it local, regional, or global.

Solidarity and Internationalism

  1. We believe solidarity is not a mere slogan but a political program based on a historical understanding of shared oppressions.
  2. We seek solidarity amongst races and amongst people of different countries, cultures, and immigration status. We unite with diverse struggles, recognizing that when we unite we build power for everyone.
  3. We believe in a shared liberation struggle against the vestiges of colonial and imperial dominations that continue to wreak havoc throughout the world.
  4. We believe in a shared liberation struggle based on an opposition to racism, sexism, classism, zionism, colonialism, patriarchy, imperialism, heterosexism, ableism, ageism, transphobia, and all other forms of oppression.
  5. We believe in an economic and political system that creates just conditions at the local and global levels so that no one has to leave their country in order to survive.

Institution Building

  1. We speak only on behalf of ourselves and we never claim to represent everyone in our community.
  2. We do not believe in reinventing the wheel, but rather in creating opportunities to partner our work in solidarity with community groups and organizations that align with our values and further our mission.
  3. We believe this is a living document that speaks to a dynamic set of values as we learn about our shared history, build our shared movement, and integrate new ideas and peoples.